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A multi-purpose instant messenger with cross-border digital payment solutions, powered by Blockchain Technology.

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messenger with cross-border digital payments

Ability to access your messages from several devices at once and share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files.

Data Encryption

We will support two layers of secure encryption. Server-client encryption and an additional layer of client-client encryption.

Blockchain Payments

The blockchain payments capability makes it convenient for users to make payment across borders with guaranteed security.

Exchange API

Integration options for third parties API. Conversions of fiat and other supported cryptocurrencies to our native fiat-base stable coin.

messenger with cross-border digital payments mission

Our Mission

The WalChat mission is to provide a secure peer to peer chat app globally and spearhead cross-border digital payment system powered by blockchain in Africa.

Instant messenger with cross-border digital payments supported by blockchain provides significant advantages to businesses and consumers. Blockchain-based payments are cost-effective, almost immediate, secure and transparent.

Diversified social-related services will make us stand out from similar Instant Messaging apps, which only offer messaging services. It will also provide us with the edge to retain existing users and explore further innovative services.

With a projected 450 million social network users in Africa by the end of 2020; we foresee WalChat as a potential app to promote digital payments. Therefore, this will open up Africa economically for total financial inclusion in the face of the Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA). The unveiling of the CFTA merges 55 African countries into a single market of 1.2 billion people.

WalChat Messenger

A cloud-based instant messenger with seamless synchronization capabilities. As a result, you can access your secured messages from several devices at once and share an unlimited number of photos, videos, and files.

There is no need to worry about backup or disk space on your device, as the app can take up nearly zero space on your phone since you can store all your data or keep it on the cloud servers.

Unlike WhatsApp, this app comes with additional features such as over 600 participants in a group, Official Movement Account, Stories, Chat Lock, Secret Chat option, Audio/Video Conferencing and even more.

Instant messenger with cross-border digital payments
cross-border digital payments

WalChat Pay

A digital payment service incorporated into WalChat Messenger. WalChat Pay is also a  payment gateway and merchant payment solution.

Online Services can use WalChat Pay API as the payment gateway solution to accept payment on their website and avoid costly transaction fees, prevent fraudulent purchases and gain higher margins.

Support feature phones as well, via SMS and USSD.

Retail merchants can also tap into the incremental revenue opportunity by reaching out to millions of unbanked people, mobile money users and cryptocurrency users in Africa.

WalChat users can fund their wallets using our supported Cryptocurrencies, Mobile Money and Visa/Master cards depending on the users’ location.

With WalChat Pay you can send money to each other, pay bills, buy airtime/bundles, airline tickets, hotel bookings, make purchases in physical stores and many more.

WalChat Online Mall

WalChat Mall is a one-stop-shop for an affordable but high-quality range of products powered by blockchain. All products will be stocked by our agents, after procuring in bulk quantities from accredited suppliers. The Mall will also have a section for the general public to sell their products.

Items can also be delivered conveniently to our customers, using the digital address system. Payment for our services can be done via cash on delivery or using WalChat Pay.

Hence, items sold online will include:

  • Agriculture & Food
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets & Accessories
  • Electronics
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Students Special Provisions etc.
messenger with cross-border digital payments

Product/Services Overview

WalChat is a cloud-based multi-purpose instant messenger with secure chat lock, secret chat, auto-message erasure, stories, movement account, audio/video conferencing and blockchain-powered cross-border digital payment solutions.

Lock Chat

Security option where users can also lock/unlock their app or any particular chat by using a password/fingerprint.

Secret Chat

You can create a private chat session with contact with self-destructive messages for securing the confidentiality of personal and official chat.

WalChat Pay Wallet

Cashless payments are made and check out faster in physical stores. It’s easy to use! Access WalChat Pay, scan the QR code and authorize the payment.

WalChat Pay API

Payment gateway solution for online services to accept payment on their website and gain higher margins.

Merchant POS Device

WalChat Merchant Payment Solution is a secure, smart device, which will be loaded with our POS software for receiving and sending payment.

WalChat Agent

Business opportunity for anyone who wishes to become our agent and earn generous discounts and bonuses.

SOLUTION-Value Proposition

We will support two layers of secure encryption and an additional security option where users can also lock/unlock their app or any particular chat by using a password/fingerprint.

Users will receive rewards as they send money to each other, pay bills, purchase insurance, make purchases in physical stores, etc.

Furthermore, with our fiat-backed stable coin, there will be mass adoption of cryptocurrency as stable coins are not subject to the massive volatility of most cryptocurrencies. We will also bridge existing financial markets and crypto-related ones by using the same reference pricing.

Online Services can avoid high transaction fees, prevent fraudulent purchases and gain higher margins by using our secure payment gateway.

With our user-friendly digital payment system, financial services will finally be brought to the unbanked people in Africa.

Our Services

  • Messenger

  • Payment

  • Online Mall

messenger with cross-border digital payments

Frequently Asked Questions

This faq provides answers to basic questions about WalChat.

What is WalChat ?

WalChat is a multi-purpose instant messenger with a cross-border digital payments system powered by blockchain, that permits users to transfer digital funds between and among diverse payment platforms using their phone numbers or emails and offers diversified social-related services.

What makes Walchat different from other IM apps?

Unlike WhatsApp that requires huge disk space to backup user's data, WalChat uses a cloud-based server to store chat history. In this case, a user needs not to worry about losing his or her chat history when one switches to another device.

Offering diversified socially relevant services make us stand out from similar IM apps that only offer messaging services.

Will you have ads? Or sell my data?


Do I need to pay subscription fee to use the app?

No, WalChat doesn't require any subscription fees.

What are your thoughts on internet privacy?

As WalChat, we think that the two most important component of Internet Privacy should be:

A. Protecting your private conversations from snooping third parties, such as officials, employers, etc.

B. Protecting your personal data from third parties, such as marketers, advertisers, etc.

This is what everybody should care about, and these are some of our top priorities.

Where can I download Walchat app?

The application is still in development, once the first phase is completed, it'll be available on Google Play and Apple store.

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